Welcome to my space!

About Me

Christine Lovine Mboya is a writer, digital content creator, and freelance communications consultant who hopes to one day write a bestseller; a collection of the stories in her heart.

Lovine has special interest in writing people’s stories, and has always dedicated her blogs to stories shared by the people she meets in her career. As a result, when she was temporarily closing her last blogging phase, Lovine put together Ageno; A Collection of Stories of Hope, which is a collection of life stories shared with her by friends and acquaintances.

When not writing and listening to people, Lovine will be leading social-action projects, trying to figure out the digital world on behalf of clients, or reading (auto)biographies, her favourite literary genre.

Lovine believes stories are powerful; they shape narratives, ideas and culture, and consequently become the accepted reality of a people, a place, or an idea. So stories are important, but just as important, are the people we allow tell them.