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Ageno: A Collection of Stories of Hope

Ageno is Luo for I Hope, derived from the word Geno; which means Hope. When putting together this collection, I settled on quite a number of titles, all of which were inspired by unifying themes/lessons in the stories. But hope tugged at my heart the most.

Picture this; You relocate to a new country, get to the top of your career, then suddenly war breaks out and you have to go back home and start all over again, with nothing.  Where do you start? Or you’re sitting at home whiling the Sunday away, when a trusted relative comes and has his way with your body. And worse, gets away with it.  Who do you turn to? Or you’re in high school, and volunteer for HIV testing, just for the free sodas with your friends. But your test results say you’re HIV positive. What happens next?

These are not just examples, but true stories that you’ll find in this collection. In my blogging phase, I reached out to, and had amazing, deep conversations with different people, who shared with me intimate parts of themselves, stories I will forever be grateful for.  Their insecurities, their struggles, their fears, but most importantly, their hope in-spite of, and their triumph at the end of it all.

All these stories were originally published on my blog, but because I’m a nice person, ha, I’m making it easier for you to read ALL of them at a go, and share with as many as you can. Because they are OUR stories. Our experiencers.

I am humbled to have had the honour to share these with you, and I hope these stories inspire, enlighten, and uplift you.

Above all, may they give you hope.

With Love,