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Destination 001: Diani

 So, I went on my first ever vacation! To Diani!

I have wanted to travel to the coast for a while now. Last year we made plans with friends, but you know what happens with group plans. They get dragged out, a couple of people pull out, and no trip in the end. I am not innocent in any of this, to be quite honest. Adulting is happening to us all, and sometimes you plan a trip with the best intentions at heart, then down the line make peace with the fact that the trip will happen, just not now.

This year however, I had set my mind on doing this. Since this is the kind of plan that has never materialized before, I was a little sceptical of it finally happening. I was crossing my fingers all through the wait period you guys!  I wanted to travel with a friend, but also started making peace with the fact that it might turn out to be a solo trip! There I was, looking up people who’d successfully done solo travels before, collecting tips and tricks. However, I preferred my first vacation to not be solo, just so I can get opportunity to learn the tips and tricks without any sudden panics and worries. The good news is, my friend Tracy said yes! And so to Diani we went.

Diani was everything and more. The Kenyan coast is generally a beautiful, peaceful, quiet and HOT place. Life is slower there, the people politer, the food very delicious, the sun very present, the sandy beaches- oh! Orgasmic.

It was all I wanted.

I want to go back, and I want to NOW.

I was watching a channel on YouTube, where the host was talking about confidence, and how we tend to think of confidence as being a bad beach.  While this can be a show of confidence, she said, it is not the only. Confidence can be you keeping the promises you made to yourself. Confidence can be feeling worthy of the spaces you occupy, knowing you deserve to be there. Confidence can be you bettering yourself every day, loving the present version of you, while embracing better versions of you. I absolutely loved this message! I endorse!

Confidence is what I had when I hoped to make my first independent coast trip, knowing chances are it might not happen, but working towards it anyway!

Confidence is me saying now that I will do it again, this time solo, because I can. It has been done before, right?

I stay confident, knowing I cannot tell the future, but will do my best today.

Stay confident now, won’t ya 🤗?

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