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Donuts by Rose

This is not her official business name, as at the time of writing this she was in the process of building the brand. Her name however, is Rose. So, we’ll go with that 😜.

In these Corona times, many of us have taken to trying out new skills (like me with the banana bread) or sharpening skills we already had. Some, like Rose, have taken their skills a level higher, by not just sharing on social media, but turning it into a business! You see the way we keep saying corona itatuonyesha mambo? Ni kama itatuonyesha new ways of making money pia if we are serious.

Rose’s donuts had been looking all sorts of delicious on her IG stories, so of course when she announced she would be selling, I was among the first to place my order! Please, you do not need a special occasion to eat nice things in life.  

The donuts were delivered, and I was pleased to see Rose had put some thought into her packaging.  Hata the arrangement of the pieces was well thought out, complete with a personalized note to encourage your eating! Ha. I love it. They tasted as good as they looked, the sugar and toppings on each making them perfect for an evening snack with some tea.  

I always say the day I will know how to bake nice things and decorate them like Rose’s donuts, the world will know no peace. But the gods love peace for the world so they keep me away from mastering this skill😂. No biggie.

I look forward to Rose setting up the business and ordering more delicious donuts!

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