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Hunters Dry Cider- A Review

Is it just me, or does this drink sort of give one an instant feel-good? I love it. And it is not even the instant feel-goodness that I absolutely vibe with, but also the flavour is quite premium! You know that other cider than I reviewed and wondered why they had to use the word ‘premium’ for their drink? I think they should have asked the guys behind Hunters wassup because this is what premium tastes like.

Is it just me, or does this drink actually not taste like a cider at first? Ha. I had not paid much attention to the label, was busy enjoying the fullness of its flavour- which gives me more beer-ey vibes than cider-ey-. Kumbe kwa label apples are being mentioned everywhere. You see, this is what drinking too much Tusker Cider and Snapp does to you (and I love those drinks), you imagine good cider will be having strong potent apple vibes the moment it lands on your tongue.

The downside with Hunters Dry is the extremity of its fizziness. It is so fizzy that the if you are not sober and/or patient, a good amount will spill over. However, this struggle will be compensated by its crisp semi-fruity, brewed in beer kettles vibe. I swear I also get lavender vibes with this drink! Like, I tasted it and could smell my hair food somehow😂, or maybe it was my actual hair food I was smelling.

Out of 10, I give it a solid 8. The indecisiveness of the flavour is actually great, perfect for when I want a beer and a cider in one. The price is fair, got it for about 200 bob at my local. The bottle is gender neutral, a breather from the pretty cider bottles of most of its competitors. I want something that doesn’t make me have to feel femme and behave femme while indulging. Give us a unisex design. Hunters Dry did just that!

The fizz, Hunters, please lessen? Can’t a girl just pour her drink without overthinking the process? I know a girl can.

All in all, this drink is a win.

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