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On-board The Banana Bread Craze

This article shouldn’t be under the reviews section because I digress a lot and ideally you shouldn’t review something you made yourself, yes? I think so. But all my previous attempts at baking have been whack, and finally something eatable came out the oven! In Kenya we say corona will show us things. Here is you being shown a thing 🙂 .

I saw a meme on Instagram that was about people who have only two moods; either they feel totally meh, or they feel like they are Eliud Kipchoge, God’s gift to the marathon world. Is me. That meme. Baking banana bread SUCCESSFULLY had me wondering why with my big age I have not opened a bakery yet? Like…

This was my third attempt at baking in life. The first two attempts were a massive flop, even guys who are not picky eaters said no. That unless I am trying to poison someone, I should stay away from baking. That I successfully bring forth beautiful cakes with no personality. Instagrammable but not eatable. So I resigned from trying to bake ever again. Concluded it is it what it is. Everyone has their given talents, and if mine is more reviewing other people’s foods that making the actual thing, then so be it.

But- we are in the middle of a pandemic. I have been spending all 24 hours of all the seven days a week at home. A lot of the work that I do (that pays) has been put on hold, meaning a big portion of the day I have to figure out something to keep me busy. When I am not looking for new work, or distracting myself with Netflix, or napping for the seventh time in a day, I will be on YouTube watching home décor and cooking videos. This is how the craze of baking banana bread in the times of Covid-19 and self-quarantine caught up with me.

The end result of this trial was a nice soft sponge of a bread, albeit a big sugary, but safe for human consumption. I dare say so myself. It is important to note that I sought great help from YouTube, and physical presence of someone who knows their way around the kitchen better, but I was lead mixer and chief baker so I still get some credit, yes? J  

The times we currently live in are not the best. Not that the world has had better times; I mean, even before this pandemic it was struggle upon struggle for the majority of the population. However, knowing there is a virus out there that could potentially wipe you or your loved ones out, makes everything harder. A virus that requires you to stay away from people, away from surfaces, away from everything if you can. To stay home. Yet staying home is a privilege. The larger population needs to be out and about on a daily to provide for their families. A lot of the solutions to curbing this disease work efficiently for the privileged.

That some of us have been able to stay at home, and still have most of our essential needs met is not something to feel guilty about- but something to be grateful for. Either way, everyone is going through a tough period, mentally and emotionally. Life as we knew it has literally stopped. And if baking a banana bread is what will make surviving this period easier for you, then so be it. Bake away! As we await the outside to open, we can continue finding ways to experience joy amidst everything.

Does this mean I will be baking another banana bread? HA! No. Listen, it is not about the bread, but the bananas. I am not the biggest fan of this fruit. I don’t vibe with it enough to be making bread in its honor. Can we have like mango bread, or something? No?

Fine then. Everyone to bake whatever makes their heart glad. Whatever brings in some semblance of normalcy and sanity in your life.

Stay safe. XOXO.

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