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William Lawson’s Mixed Apple Drink- Who is It For?

I first saw this drink on The Kenyan Bar Guy’s review, where he described it as ‘a drink for people that know nothing about whisky.’ I had not even tasted it yet but was in agreement. Because for one, I am of the opinion that whisky does not make the best of cocktails, and two, apple juice?!

I know we are in the wave and craze of launching ciders everywhere, women being the target market, but apples in whisky is something I never saw coming. I don’t know if William Lawson’s did a research prior to establish whether whisky heads would love a dash of apple juice in their drink, or if women who lean towards ciders want the whisky vibe. Or was this an effort to bring both parties together?

Anyway, so I get the drink. I was sceptical, but also hopeful that William Lawson’s had put in enough effort to win us over.

Alas, nada. From the first sip, the drink is purely William Lawson’s with a dash of apple juice. Just that. No creativity, no effort in marrying the two flavours together, no trying to please us. Nothing. It is literally like pouring the whisky in a bucket and a topping with a jugs of apple juice. Zero effort to make a ‘new’ drink.

You see, this is the thing with whisky. You do not just mix it aoyaye with anything and pass that as a ‘new’ drink, Whiskey, unlike other liquors, requires effort and commitment, if you are going to turn it into a cocktail. Whiskys have very potent scents and taste, which means the automatic reaction when put together with something as light as juice is to overpower and outshine it. Whisky is not humble. Never meek and seeking the kingdom of the good and lowly. No. Whiskey is loud and boisterous. Draws attention. Loves attention.

If the only mixer William Lawson had was apple juice, maybe they should have worked on launching a vodka, or white rum, or gin first, then throw in the juice. Because what debauchery is that they are doing to their whisky?

I was also not pleased to suffer a hangover with only one can of this drink by the way. I cannot remember the last time I drank something and woke up with a headache. Surely William Lawson’s.  

Look, I am more confused now than ever before who the target audience for this drink is. Because if it is the women who love ciders, I would like to see a poll on what they think of the potent whiskey scent and flavour. And the mad hangover. Or the whiskey heads to tell us their thoughts on the floating apple flavour, that clearly did not marry into the whisky.

You know what? Let’s do this experiment all over again William Lawson’s.

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