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I had a Baby in July!

It almost feels like it was so sudden, yet it wasn’t! See, a child is not something you miraculously have in 24 hours if you were not pregnant before, unless made possible by some divine spirit. My baby feels like it was so sudden because after months of seriously considering it, I woke up one morning and went in!

July 10th 2020.

Alovo Communications in the labour room. I said ‘you know what? Damn it. I am doing this. It is now or never’. Submitting my application and praying and hoping I receive a response in the affirmative.

July 13th 2020.

Alovo Communications was born. Confirmation of registration. Announcement to my circles. Company branding. Excitement. Ecstasy. But above all, Gratitude. In the midst of a pandemic, it happened. In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty in my own life, it happened.  


I have been working a lot in the communications space, and after years of quite a turbulent path (story for another day), I noticed the waves always led me towards digital media consultancy. It had crossed my mind several times before to go right in, because I knew I could do so much more. Yet I didn’t, for many reasons. Till a pandemic took over the world. Like, who does that?

Today marks exactly ONE MONTH since my baby was born. I have gone through all the motions. The excitement and happiness. The zeal in drafting and submitting proposals. The un-ashamedness (which is mandatory) of seeking support and partnerships. The hope and faith and trust in the dream, that keeps me going even on days I am on google asking ‘How do I run a company surely’ and questioning and worrying and panicking. I have had 30 days of all the motions. Yet, I stay hopeful and forever proud of myself to have finally done it.  

I have started an absolutely fresh journey, a career path I hope to keep at, because honestly I feel so fulfilled! I feel very strongly that this journey is at the core of my life purpose. I feel happy from the bottom of my heart.

We have started small. But you know what, good things take time, yes? I am willing to put in the work and the time to get Alovo to where I envision it. In fact, I love that I started this venture at a time when I had come to appreciate the art of patience, and of taking one step at a time.

I will keep at it, one day at a time.

To Alovo!

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